Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas Time's A-Coming!

It sure is starting to look a lot like Christmas!!  Many homes have a variety of Christmas decorations - some quite elaborate and some fairly basic, and some have none at all.  The Christmas baking has started.  I'm a little afraid to do very much baking as some of the favourites have to be made more than once - and sometimes more than twice.

This past week was the sighting of the Geminid meteor shower.  Fortunately, the skies were nice and clear.  Unfortunately, the best sighting was at 2 a.m.  On Thursday, the 14th, I happened to wake up at 2 a.m. so decided to see if I could see anything.  My first idea was to try and view the meteors from the front window of the motorhome.  Looking out, a number of homes leave their Christmas lights on all night so I decided that unless it was totally dark, there probably wasn't much use in trying to see any of the meteor shower so back to bed I went.  I understand that I could view it on You Tube so that ended up to be my choice.

Last night we attended a potluck wiener roast and then watched the local parade.  It is amazing at the number of vehicles, golf carts, ATV's that took the time to get all decked out for the holidays with the lights and other decorations.  Then today we went to a potluck block party.  These events are always great fun with lots of great food. 

Gerry is almost finished with the exterior cleaning of the motorhome.  This week he washed and waxed the roof - hopefully the dirt and dust will just slide right off.  Another job off the list!!

The temperatures have been almost perfect although it has been rather windy - some days worse than others.  But it has been warm, even with the wind; but rumour has it that it is all going to come to an end - hopefully for only a couple of days

On the most part the week was spent visiting and relaxing.  What a way to spend the week I have to admit. 

Thanks for stopping by - I hope each and everyone of you have a terrific week!

Couldn't resist the sunset!!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Off to Yuma

We started the week in Quartzsite enjoying the sunshine but the nights were a different story - it got downright fresh - like down to 2.2C one night and slightly more the next night.  Fortunately, the sun warmed the days up to 19 or 20 during the day so really quite pleasant.  
Just before we were thinking of heading out, some friends came and joined us.  Although we only had a chance to spend a day visiting, we made plans on visiting them more in Yuma so looking forward to those days.

Mid-week, we headed south to Yuma where we are now parked on our friend's lot until after Christmas.  While we are having a great time visiting, it makes for very difficult writing as each day blends into the next.  And the days of sight seeing and touring have been temporarily left behind.  We go past the Yuma Proving Ground which is a large military base and at the corner of the road to the base, there is a gun display which also makes a great spot to stop for lunch.

It is time for Christmas so I set up the tree and did some decorating.  Fortunately, my tree is only a couple of feet tall and it still took be three days to get it all decorated.  Can you imagine if it was an eight foot tree - I would have had to start in early November.  However, it is all done and I must admit, it looks great. 

Since one can get fresh produce at a very reasonable price (such as cucumbers at 4/$1.00), we made some relish today.  And tomorrow, I am starting an exercise program but be assured that it won't be too strenuous (hopefully­čśŐ).
A lovely yard we passed on our walk.  Also one with a zoo???

Perhaps this coming week we will do something exciting to report.  I hope you have a good week and thanks for stopping by.