Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Heading Out - Oct, 2014

On Monday, October 20, 2014 we headed out for our annual winter retreat!  Other than a couple of days of wind, the drive was great.

Northern Michigan
Our camping spot in Toronto
Stop one - Brandon - to visit a niece and then on to Winnipeg to visit an aunt.  From there we headed south to the United States for a couple of nights and then on to Toronto.  There we had the pleasure  long overdue visits with some old friends and my niece and family.  When I say "old friends" there really is a double meaning - both in how long we have been friends and in our ages.

The weather continued to be great - sometimes cloudy and sometimes not.  We headed out today (October 28) for places further south.  The temperatures reached a balmy 26C but the wind sure did blow.  That was just a teaser as some colder temperatures are to follow this week.

We have hoped to see some fall colours but so far, we are mostly too late.  Hopefully, as we travel southwards, more leaves will be on the trees.  We did spend most of our day today in the Allegheny National Forest which is quite rolling but a very nice drive.  

We have not seen as many as Halloween displays as I had hoped.

I will try to keep my regular schedule of Sunday posts.  I hope you have a good week!