Saturday, January 24, 2015

Shopping This Week

This week was spent shopping - in the big town of Quartzsite in Arizona.   This is the week that thousands of RV'ers gather - in groups, and singly, mostly out in the desert.  There is also an RV trade show in an enormous tent, where one can see various products for the RV'er, for the men, for the ladies, and for the pets.  Daily we went into town to walk through another section of one of the largest flea markets.

We needed some work done on our tow hitch and the makers of many products have
Our favourtie
representatives here and they will re-condition many things - such as hitches.  Since we had one side come loose last year, we did need some work done on ours so for a nominal fee, they were to re-condition it.  Well, we dropped it off on Tuesday and were to pick it up Friday.  On Friday, off we went for our hitch and as seems to be the norm these days, they repaired the wrong side so we had to come back in an hour.  The good thing - both sides were re-done - just what we thought  they would do.  We also checked out numerous motorhomes to see what was now available.

Here we have the view of some of the most beautiful sunsets ever - here is a sample of a couple of them.  We also had a day of wind - everything is covered in a fine layer of sand - time to do some housework.  It seems that is God's way of telling me that it's time to get busy.

We are fortunate to visit with some friends this week and even celebrate a birthday.  As we sat in the lovely sunshine, we enjoyed birthday cake, and some great chatter.

During the night, we often can hear the howling of coyotes.  We decided to put out our game camera as there is a spot nearby that has dozens of little holes - some that look to be rather recent.  Well, we didn't get any coyotes, but we did a photo of a fox as it checked these holes.  Tonight we will try again.

Tomorrow it will be time to move on as we try again to restore our youth.  We will go over to the Fountain of Youth - south of Palm Springs in California.  Hopefully this year we will be a little more successful than last year.  

May you have a great week!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Week of Trails

This past week was spent travelling some of the back country around Yuma.  We spent five days going up and down hills, over rocks, around bushes, as well as some socializing with all the other drivers.  The weather absolutely perfect.  The week started with 1/2" plus of rain Sunday evening which meant the first couple of days of trails were dust-free.  It also reminded us how quickly flash floods can develop.  Every day was a day of sunshine and wonderful temperatures.

Since pretty well every day was a day on the trails, this week will consist mainly of some photos of what we saw, where we drove,  and some of the scenery we experienced.  I hope you enjoy them.

You have to love technology - the drone was taking photos

It was great to see some wildlife.  We saw several herds of Bighorn Sheep as well as a ewe and her baby.  The burros were quite a sight - especially the momma and her baby.

Tanks have been created to catch rain water for the wild animals

The cholla cactus is quite attractive when you see a whole area of them.  They are not nearly as nice close up as Gerry found out.

 A rolling area of the desert has been named "Graffitti Hill".  An area that people have created momentoes of various sorts out of rocks.  Originally the area was 10 acres but it has grown to 1,200 acres.

Over the mountain tops

Over the rocks

Yup, it fits!!
A spring creates a small oasis
Natural tanks create watering holes.
 That has been our week.  I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as we enjoyed the real thing.  Have a great week!!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Week one of 2015

Веселе Різдво!!  Merry Christmas to those who celebrate using the Julian calendar. 

 While the week was rather quiet in terms of activity, it did not lack in events.

We did take a walk into the desert and came across an interesting site - a small burial for pets - but mostly dogs spread about under several small trees.  I would think that the area was quite a favourite spot for dogs as it is in the open desert where they can run free.

Once again we had our motorhome in for repair - this time it was to have the muffler replaced that was ordered almost three weeks ago and the shocks that were to be replaced ten days or so ago but were the wrong ones.  Well guess what - it was the wrong one.  But we did get the right shocks installed but it has been quite a process.  Since our time here is running short, we did a do it yourself kind of repair which will take us to where we can get it repaired/replaced properly without having to pack up only to find out that another trip was required.  That may well be when we get home!

Early one morning (5:00 a.m.) Gerry heard the garbage trucks and wondered if the garbage had been taken out.  I got up and checked and no, it hadn't so I proceeded to run out in my pyjamas to take it out.  Quickly I put on Gerry's shoes and went running out so I could beat the garbage truck.  As luck would have it, there is a small (probably one inch or so) rail that the gate runs on, and I guess my toe caught that darn rail.  Yup, out I went into the street - almost on all fours.  Fortunately I was rather graceful as I went slipping out onto the street as I was not very sore - well except for the  scrapes on one knee and one palm which will likely take quite some time to heal.  Also, no broken bones so that is good.  And I got the garbage out before the trucks arrived!

Today was not a good day for friends.  Two of them were taken to the hospital by ambulance -  one is being kept in for the night and the other we have not heard.  We wish them both well and a speedy recovery.

Sadly, we also laid to rest a dear friend up in Pincher Creek, AB this past week whose life was cut way too short.  We will fondly remember his friendly demeanor and his infectious smile.  RIP Bob!!

Next week we are going off-roading so hopefully, I will have some news and some interesting pictures.  I hope each one of you have a great week, stay healthy, and thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year

Here it is - 2015 - it seems that 2014 has quickly passed.  

Once again, another week of continued quiet.  We did take the motorhome in for some repairs - a simple one day job.  Oops, parts didn't come so it is now a two day job.  We were able to spend the night in our own bed in a garage compound.  Oops again, the two day job didn't really turn out as the wrong parts arrived.   We will go back next week and hopefully everything will be completed.

New Years Eve was very quiet.  We did watch the arrival of the New Year in Australia - how wonderful is this day of communication.  As a result we were tucked in  bed several hours before our midnight.

We got together with friends on New Years Day, had some snacks, a few drinks and quietly said hello to 2015.  The day was sunny but cool as has the past few days.  In fact we had a touch of frost for three nights over New Years.

Our activity consists of a daily walk, a daily visit with friends, and generally enjoying the wonderfully clear blue skies - talk about a negligible stress level.

Unfortunately,  this week is very short, and not terribly interesting.  This is our quiet time and hopefully, there will be more next week.

We would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.  May you have health and happiness this, and each and every year.