Saturday, January 7, 2017

Borrego Springs

This past week has been spent at Borrego Springs - a neat little California town just south-west of Palm Springs.  We met up with a group of folks from our 4-wheeling club and spent some time out on the trails.  Of course, anything we go on is relatively easy - especially in comparison to what some of them can and like to do.

While the area is all desert, it is amazing the different kinds of terrain that entails.  We go near sand dunes (or on them if we wish) and I love the design the wind makes as it blows the sand around.  On occasion, we find a source of water and one or more palm trees take root and grow.  We went on one trail where we found Una Palm (one palm although that is no more), Five Palms, and then Seventeen Palms.  At Seventeen Palms there is a mailbox which contains a number of notebooks that people have signed over the years.  There are also areas of canyons - some you can drive down, and some you can only walk down.  I tend to avoid the walking ones as they are very narrow with high, straight walls - a little too close I must say.

We are currently parked along some hills/mountains.  I'm not sure exactly what they are other than they are quite rocky and have dozens of walking trails.  On the top of one there is 
a nice flat spot where someone became quite creative and built a huge rattle snake.  Over the past few years, other things have been added such as a flower, truck and camper (which recently has been dismantled for some reason) and a ram's head.  Some folks can be very creative when making a photo out of rocks!

Normally we have a potluck brunch on New Years Day - well unfortunately, this year it got cancelled.  The wind would have carried the food away.  In fact, we have had a couple of pretty windy days.  It's surprising how many things tend to bang and rattle in the night.  Sometimes that loud bang(s) is nothing more than the fireworks from New Year's Eve.

Dick Avery (from Avery labels) lived in this area and a number of years ago he commissioned an artist to make some sculptures.  They are all around the town and are terrific.  I have included a couple of them as they are certainly something to see.

We stopped at a service station to put some air in our tires.  While there, this unusual vehicle pulled up so I went to have a look.  It was a car/motorcycle sort of thing - two wheels in front and one in back and made by Polaris.  I asked if I could take a picture and the driver was more than happy to oblige.

While the weather has not been real warm, it has been pleasant (the days the wind doesn't blow), and sunny.  And if we think it is cool, we just check the weather at home and decide that we will enjoy this great weather.

I  hope everyone has a great week!


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