Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Time Just Slips Away

I must apologize as my commitment to write a post each Saturday has slipped by - here it is already Tuesday.  For some reason time really did just slip away the past ten days.

Another Desert Sunset
We spent most of the week out in the quiet of the desert near Quartzsite.  We did go into town a couple of days but the vendors have all pretty well pulled up stakes and carried on to somewhere else.  With that, there were not a lot people around.  Nothing can beat waking up at night to absolute quiet - with the odd exception of a coyote way off in the distance.

We were thrilled to have a visit with some old friends (not necessarily as in age) who now live in Oregon.  While the visit was short, it was a great time to catch up and remember.  Ken and Joanne - until next year!!

The temperature has been heating up into the 90's which make for a pretty warm day but they do cool off nicely at night. 

The week was over and it was time to head to Lake Havasu for a few days.  It was a mighty warm day and we had some trouble with heating.  We know that the radiator needed cleaning so we pull into Lake Havasu to see if someone could have a look at it and give it a cleaning - no luck until Monday so across the street is a great carwash.  While it washed out a lot of dirt and grime, it will still need to be done once we get home.  But in the meantime, it certainly made a huge difference.
Lake Havasu Aloha

Our stay in Lake Havasu was made up of terrific days and not so terrific nights.  On our way in we had wanted to stop at a place called the steps but oops, we missed it.  That was okay because we will just go on to the next one.  After coming back from the car wash, we stopped too soon but decided that this was good enough and also close to town so we would stay.  Bad decision as the nights became party nights.  We were certainly glad to see Sunday night as that is not a party night.
Topock Gorge

We got to visit and have supper with Wayne and Diane - folks from home that we have known for many, many years - another great visit.  Then on Sunday, Joe and Kathy have a pontoon boat and so kindly took us up the river to the Topock gorge.  With the temps in the 90's and very little wind, there is no better way to spend a Sunday than a ride on the water with friends followed by a nice meal. 

The weekend is over and it is time to move on.  I will save that for next week - sometimes between Saturday and Wednesday it would seem.  Have a great week.

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